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Hair Force is Southern California's premier Hair Metal Tribute!
Hair Force is NOT a cover band! They are the entire experience! The look, the feel, the performances, the attitude, the effects, and of course the pure unadulterated, electrifying, adrenaline rushing Rock n' Roll!

The Band

Rob Scarlet

The front man with the golden pipes! Capable of spanning 8 Octaves with texture and power, Rob can hang with the likes of Axl Rose and Sebastian Bach!


The axe man! Lead guitarist extraordinaire with killer tone, piercing power, and melodic finesse. You'll be brought to your knees, wet yourself, and beg for more! 

Kelly Garrett

The thunder maker! That low end frequency that can tickle your pink and pound your chest. Kelly's thunderous bass lines holds the bottom end together and his vocals ice the cake.

Bobby Banger

Furious pounding all night and still has energy to play drums! Bobby's never met a drumstick he didn't hate! His ferrocious, heart pounding double bass drums are the engine for your adrenaline rush!

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